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DIY for the E46

Pictures from meets:

        Ring Knutstorp (August 2003)

        Malmų (April 2004)

        Ring Knutstorp (August 2004)

        Padborg Park (August 2004)

        PadborgPark (Track Video)

        Ring Knutstorp (August 2005)

        Ring Knutstorp (Track Video1)

        Ring Knutstorp (Track Video2)

Motegibattle (Supercar Video)

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You might wonder where all the BMW e90 stuff is. I'm sorry to say, so far there is none.

Instead this homepage is dedicated the BMW e46 series and the activities of BMW Club Denmark.

A lot of different things has been going on in my personal life and at the same time there has been a lot of issues within the BMW Club which has reduced the time I spend on BMW related activities. This site is therefore not updated as much as I would like, and so far does not seem to be the source of information and picture that I hoped for. I hope this will change, though probably not soon.

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